Welcome to Ark + Thread, where life involves large doses of creativity and exploration. From DIY projects for home and closet, to fashion, organization, and other life hacks, Ark + Thread reminds you never to be afraid to try something new!

I’m Lexi, a blogger, wanderer and all-around DIY enthusiast from the Washington, D.C. area. Ark + Thread is where I share inspiration, fashion ideas, tutorials, and my love of incorporating a handmade lifestyle into everyday adventures.

 As I entered adulthood, I noticed that there seemed to be less and less time to devote to new adventures. Whether it was making something, going somewhere, or wearing something a little out of my comfort zone, it was easy to find excuses to not try. I was too busy. I was tired when I came home. I wanted to relax on my weekends. As time went by, I realized that I had almost removed my passions from my life, and I wasn’t happy anymore. So I began to find DIY projects that fit in the time I had, trips that I could go on in a weekend, and items I could wear to stand out and still be me.

Anyone can be creative and travel, no matter how much (or how little) free time you have. You don’t need a studio to create, and you don’t need a frequent flier card and a month’s worth of vacation time to explore somewhere new. Whether you have 15 minutes or a long weekend, you have time to indulge your bohemian side.  

I’d love to share in your daily adventure, whether it’s fashion, DIY, or travel, so keep in touch on twitter and instagram.