February 2016 Creative Goals

I love setting goals at the beginning of each month. The easiest is health, because somehow I never find time to exercise as much as I promised myself I would last month. But I realized that by only focusing on my health I was making myself feel a lot worse, so instead I'm going to focus each month on learning, doing, or making something new. 

A+T // February Creative Goals

Crochet: I am very picky about crochet clothing patterns, but I love this sweater by All About Ami. I'm going to give it a try. 

Knit: I've had these slippers pinned for years. I've bought yarn for them twice and ended up using it for something else.However, the crucial need to de-stash is very motivating. 

DIY: I really need to up my instagram game. I feel like the more I instagram, the more creative i am, but I also have this wall of shyness I need to get over. So for February I'm going to participate in the February Photo-a-Day Challenge by FatMumSlim

Cook: I'm just finishing up a Whole30, and I can already tell my tastes have shifted a bit. I'm a lot more aware of the sweets I eat, and I want to practice making more healthy recipes. I found this Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe and I think I might try it for Valentine's Day Breakfast

Self-improvement: Last December I fell in love with Planners and Bullet Journaling. I'd love to do some posts about how I journal, the different layouts I use, and my favorite pages. However, I am deeply self-concious of my handwriting. If I write veeery slowly it's pretty neat, but its not consistant. So I purchased the Spencerian Penmanship set off Amazon and am spending about 10 minutes each night practicing my handwriting. I'll let you know how it goes! 

A+T // February Creative Goals-  Spencerian Penmanship Handwriting

What are your creativity goals for February? What's on your to-do or to-make lists?