5 Free Patterns: Winter Accessories

We have our first snow day in the forecast this week. I get ridiculously excited by snow. It makes me want to go for a long walk till I'm absolutely freezing, then come home, bundle up and drink hot cocoa. 

I've realized this year that most of my tried and true cold weather gear is actually handmade. I love a good hat or scarf pattern, especially if it looks fashionable enough to be purchased at a trendy store. When someone asks where I bought it, I love being able to say I made it... Of course, then I usually end up promising future projects to my friends and coworkers. My to-make list is quite extensive right now! 

Anyway, here are 5 free patterns, as found on ravelry, that I am loving for January 2016. 

5 Free Patterns: Winter Accessoreies // Ark +Thread

1. 5-Star Beanie by Caron (crochet)

2. Friendly Fair Isle Hat by Purl Soho (knit) 

3. Rendezvous Snowflake Mitts by Selena Miskin (knit)

4. Chelsea Cowl by Bee Made (knit) 

5. Little Miss Fox Mittens by Drops Designs (knit) SO CUTE!!!

What winter accessory patterns are you working on?